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Greetings, dear visitor’s!

Welcome to our site dedicated to Alabais!

My husband and I has recently started to deal with this wonderful breed - the Central Asian Shepherd, it was since 2009. It all began with the purchase of our first male MIO SAO-KO MIO Jafar (Keech from Alexandrova Sloboda x Pabuza from Alexandrova Sloboda). We didn’t want him to get bored, so we bought Houshang BAYAZ-BURY (Emir x Baarchin Bayaz-Bury).

Central Asian Shepherd Kennel "Ta - Hugha" is registered in the UKU - FCI in 2011

Alabai - is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It was formed as a breed in the national selection for more than four thousand years in the vast territory stretching from the Caspian Sea today to China, and from South Ural to Afghanistan. It derives from the most ancient dogs of Tibet, cattle dogs of various nomadic tribes, who were in close relationship with the Mongolian shepherd and the Tibetan Mastiff. Alabai’s were mostly used to protect livestock, caravans and master's dwellings, and were exposed to the cruel natural selection. Harsh natural conditions for living and the constant deadly fights with predators formed the appearance and tempered the character of this dog that made him strong, fearless, and taught of economical use of strength.

The most loyal friend, a security guard, a tireless companion, it sometimes seems like his smart look always accompanies us. Your best friend, a voiceless companion that will even give his life to protect you – the name of that dog - Alabai.

Our goal is to preserve and develop the best of breed qualities of Alabai. Hallmark of our kennel are the same types of exterior, excellent working qualities and correct behavior of our dogs.

Standard FCI № 335 09.02.2011

Origin: Soviet Union (Central Asia Region).

Use: Security and guard dog.

Classification FCI: Group 2. Type: Pincher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds and Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

Section 2.2 Molossoid Mountain type.

Without working trials.